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By law, all performers under 16 require a licence from their Local Education Authority before they can perform professionally. The licence ensures the child has permission from their school, their parents and occasionally their GP to perform professionally. Due to the timescales that are in place for the majority of Local Education Authorities in the UK, you may have to begin the licensing application before your child is confirmed for the job, i.e. if your child is on a pencil/heavy pencil or sometimes even at the recall stage. The production company will complete Part 1 of the licence, confirming the young performers work hours, pay, the location of the shoot and various production policies they have in place. The parent will be required to complete Part 2 of the application form along with a signed medical declaration. The licence application process is quite straightforward and we are always happy to assist should you have any queries. The most important thing is to start gathering all of the necessary documentation we will need to support the licence application.

To get a performance licence you will need:
1. Part 2 of the generic application form.
2. A medical declaration form completed by the parent (which will also be read and signed by the production company/applicant).
3. A copy of your childs birth certificate.
4. Permission from your childs school authorising absence (if the production take place during school hours).
5. Two passport sized photographs (we already hold application sized images of all our clients and forward these to the LEA on their behalf).
6. You may or may not be required to supply the council with an up to date GP note. This will be discussed with the QK team for each individual application.

On occasions one parent may be required to chaperone their child on set, therefore it is very important that parents read the chaperoning guidelines that are provided to you by the Agent and LEA. Only those with professional chaperoning licences are authorised to look after children in theatre, film and tv, unless you are indeed the mother or father of the actor. Upon your child obtaining a job, we will always talk you through the process step by step to ensure the welfare of the client is paramount. We have attached a helpful document for the NNCEE guidelines regarding child working hours for your reference.